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Are you ready to design your next vacation with Goulds Travel?
Please review the information below to learn about our Research & Design process, our fee schedule, and so much more!

At Goulds Travel, we do more than just book vacations. We take the time to get to know each of our clients so we can better accommodate them before, during, and after their trip. So, how does this work?

Let us walk you through our process!

Our process begins with an Initial Inquiry which provides our team with a glimpse of your upcoming dream vacation.

A collaborative and interactive process that helps us finalize your travel plans with confidence and excitement.

This is where the magic happens! We use our expertise and industry connections to develop the perfect itinerary just for you.

Our goal during this complimentary consultation is to learn about your travel preferences and expectations.

From booking your trip to bon voyage, our team will be handling every detail and reaching out to ensure your satisfaction.

Our process typically begins with an Initial Inquiry so we can better prepare for our complimentary consultation. During our Discovery Call, we get to know your “must-haves” for the vacation and discuss the essentials about your trip. From there, we start our Research & Design process before delivering your Initial Travel Itinerary. During our Proposal Presentation, we’ll explain why we believe the quote provided is the perfect match for your vacation. Once your deposit is secured, your Passport to Paradise, or official confirmation, will be sent. Keep in mind that our job doesn’t stop until after you arrive back home. Our team will continue to track changes, remind you of important deadlines, reach out to hotels prior to your arrival, and check-in with you once you get back.

Ready to get started?

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