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​Your final itinerary, documents, and travel package will help make your vacation experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. All vacations arranged through Goulds Travel offer peace of mind, as we are experienced professionals with 10+ years in the business of planning exceptional vacations. You can count on us to provide expert insights, saving you valuable time & money, and delivering a vacation tailored to your individual needs.


The Passport to Paradise is the final stage that encompasses the rest of your vacation planning experience from the moment the deposit is paid until you’ve arrived back home. This comprehensive stage reflects our commitment to providing end-to-end support and personalized service throughout your entire journey. Here's an in-depth look at the tasks and touchpoints involved during the Passport to Paradise phase:

Confirmation and Documentation: Upon receiving your deposit payment, we send you an official confirmation along with detailed documentation outlining your finalized itinerary and booking confirmations.

Client Portal Access: If you are booking a cruise or flights that require pre-travel registration, you can utilize your confirmation number to set up your client portal access directly with each supplier.

Pre-Trip Communication: We maintain regular communication leading up to your departure, providing reminders, tips, and any updates related to your travel plans, weather conditions, local events, or changes in logistics.

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Hotel and Accommodation Coordination: We connect with hotels in-destination to reconfirm your reservations, relay any special requests or preferences, and ensure they do not release your reservation prior to your arrival.


Transportation Arrangements: We reconfirm transportation logistics, including airport transfers, ground transportation for activities, and any inter-city or intra-city travel arrangements as per your itinerary.


Activity and Excursion Confirmations: We reconfirm all scheduled activities, tours, excursions, and special experiences outlined in your itinerary, ensuring availability, timing, and any necessary preparations or equipment. If you are booking through your client portal directly with the cruise line or travel supplier, you will have full access to those activities directly.

Local Recommendations: We provide local recommendations for dining, shopping, sightseeing, and additional experiences based on your preferences.


Travel Updates and Alerts: We keep you informed about any travel updates, flight changes, or local advisories that may affect your itinerary, ensuring that you stay informed and prepared throughout your journey.


Quality Check and Feedback: We conduct periodic quality checks to ensure that your accommodations, activities, and overall travel experience meet our high standards of quality and guest satisfaction. We also proactively seek feedback during your trip to address any concerns or enhance your experience further.


Travel Documents & Final Review: About 2-4 weeks prior to departure, you will be provided with travel vouchers and essential information such as emergency contacts and travel guidelines. Many cruise lines and travel suppliers may provide e-documents through their client portal, so you may have quicker access to review and print them at home, so we always suggest completing your online account and checking in with the suppliers as soon as possible.


Post-Trip Follow-Up: After your return home, we follow up to gather feedback about your overall travel experience, accommodations, activities, and any areas for improvement. This feedback loop helps us continually refine and enhance our services for future travelers.

The Passport to Paradise phase is designed to be a seamless and enjoyable extension of your travel experience, where every detail is carefully managed, and every interaction is aimed at ensuring your comfort, safety, and satisfaction throughout your journey. Our comprehensive support and personalized service aims to turn your travel dreams into cherished memories, leaving you with a desire to embark on more adventures in the future.

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