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Partner  for  Success


Success, from the start!

Deciding how to align your business is crucial for proper business development. 
Goulds Travel has partnered with
Travel Planners International (TPI) to provide you with all of the tools and resources to effectively grow your business.

What is a Blended Agency?

Great question! You've probably done a little research and learned that there are many ways to become a travel professional. At Goulds Travel, we've decided that the best option for our team is to offer multiple industry affiliations for you to take your business to the next level. We are an independent agency that also utilizes the resources and partnerships of a host agency for increased commission potential, dedicated support, new technology, and much more. Our goal is not to re-create the wheel, but rather to impower you to find and use the resources that are available to you so you can be the best travel advisor!

Why do we partner with a host agency?

Well, when you are a member of the TPI Family, you can leave all the questions and doubt behind, because you're completely covered. As a Platinum Agency, we also receive:

45 Dedicated Support Staff Members Working Mon-Fri
from 9 AM – 6 PM for you!

24/7 Support from a community of over 4,000 agents nationwide

Promotions and support from 380+ Preferred Suppliers and Consortia
4000+ Travel Advisors in the community network

150+ Meetups & Events per year

Accounting & Marketing Software to Keep You Organized

Why did we choose TPI?

Over the years, we've worked with many different host agencies to see which one would be the best resource for our team. TPI has created a culture and community that lines up with our goals, vision, and mission at Goulds Travel. Their community is more like a tight-knit family that will always share information and help out whenever they can. They believe in helping us grow our business the way WE want to rather than telling us it needs to be done. Best of all, with their new consortium partnership, Signature Travel Network, we're provided many additional tools, resources, marketing opportunities, and more!


Couldn't I just join TPI directly?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we do not want to steer you in the wrong direction of joining a team if that is not what you feel would be best for your business. Feel free to reach out to the team at TPI and let them know that Goulds Travel sent you over to chat with them. However, if you do decide to join our team, keep in mind that you will have access to everything TPI offers, plus a LOT more! We encourage you to take a look at TPIs website to see some of the resources you'll have access to at Goulds Travel.


What else is included?

We thought you'd never ask! At Goulds Travel, we're always looking for ways to help you grow your business more efficiently. Here's a list of things you'll receive in addition to the great perks at TPI.
Business mentoring and accountability
Weekly commission payouts once they are received
Shared group booking opportunities
Exclusive business development and FAM Trip opportunities
Complimentary membership to the exclusive Travel Agent Mastermind Alliance
Platinum agency recognition with preferred suppliers

Goal strategizing and reporting to help you stay on track

Enhanced technology to run your business
More personalized assistance to help grow your business

A team atmosphere to share ideas, cultivate new business, and showcase success


Business Builder Program for new and experienced agents to elevate their business*

*Business Builder Program is a hands-on, intensive program periodically offered through Goulds Travel at an additional cost to Hosted Advisors. You will earn the Recognized Travel Advisor certification through Travel Advisor Resource Center (TARC), as well as some great tips to help build your business efficiently. Any new-to-the-industry agents must provide proof of certification to move forward with our Hosted Advisor program. For more information, please contact us directly.


Which consortia do you belong to?

It sounds like you've done some homework! However, in case the word "consortium" is new to you, we're going to explain that first.


Much like a host agency, a consortia is a group of agencies that come together to combine sales and resources. Each consortia offers something different for you and your clients. If you are an independent agency, you have to earn your way to top-commissions, create value for your clients, and provide your own marketing. With a consortia, they help you do all of that with ease. Commissions are usually on a sliding scale to reach the top based on your sales volume. Did you know that to reach 16% with most cruise lines, you need to sell $1,000,000 (one MILLION dollars) with each cruise line individually? By joining a consortia, those numbers are drastically lower. By joining a host, all of the agents work toward those same numbers as a collective unit. By joining a team, we keep you on track to hit your goals. 


So, back to the question. Travel Planners International (TPI) is our host agency and their consortium partner is Signature Travel Network. However, since we are a Blended Agency, we also partner with the consortium Travel Leaders Network with our independent agency affiliation to offer you and your clients even more resources!

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