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Whether you're an experienced agent or starting a new career in the exciting Travel Industry, Goulds Travel provides everything you need to successfully operate as an Independent Travel Advisor.
We offer marketing tools, business development, and agent support to grow and elevate your business. By leveraging our resources and buying power, you can effectively be more profitable working with us versus going at it alone.

Increased Commissions

As a team member, you will have access to some of the highest commission tiers with most suppliers in our industry, from Tour Operators to Cruise Lines, to Travel Protection companies, to excursion providers, and many more!
Let us know who your top supplier partners are and we will provide you with our agency commission tiers so you can compare the earning potential!



The extensive hours in our offices creates a longing for a "team" environment -- that's why we're here!
We work together by hosting team meetings, providing accountability, and establishing goals, marketing plans, and sales strategies! We also offer a discount for the Recognized Travel Advisor certification through Travel Advisor Resource Center (TARC).

Business Development

We are here to help answer questions, provide assistance, and give you access to supplier seminars and business development managers (BDMs) to boost your sales to the next level!
Advisors have access to FAM Trips, and all team members will have direct access to online forums, as well as complimentary membership to the Travel Agent Mastermind Alliance!

Technological Advances

Technology is always changing, but we are here to help through Social Media, Blogging, and Basic Web-Design.
Each team member will be provided with a customer relations manager (CRM) for their database and invoicing. We also have access to e-mail marketing platforms, agent-based websites, online booking engines, professional certifications, and more...!



As a Blended Agency, Goulds Travel has created an extensive network of industry partners that includes: host agencies, suppliers, tourism non-profits, training programs, and more! 
Utilizing our independent resources, as well as those of our host agency,
Travel Planners International (TPI), we have created an opportunity for our team to grow and flourish effectively.



The travel industry has so many great organizations to help the travel agent community. We have partnered with some of the best organizations in the industry and continue to support the growth and sustainability of travel and tourism around the world.
One particular group we recommend all of our advisors to check out is Sales Strategies for Travel Professionals.


Let's start by picking the plan that is right for you!

Exotic Holiday

Hosted Advisors

Hosted Advisors use their own brand with the assistance of our business coaching / mentoring to grow or establish their agency.
Tropical Resort

Associate Advisors

Associate Advisors use our established brand with hands-on marketing assistance and mentoring to kick-start their travel career.
  • What does a Goulds Travel Agent do for me?
    At Goulds Travel, our associates are more than just Travel Agents, they are Travel Advocates. Travel Advisors belong to a large network of industry professionals. They are able to accomplish more because of the relationships they’ve built with vendors and suppliers. Since they work for you rather than the hotels or cruise lines, they will go the extra steps to ensure their clients are taken care of. In the event a client experiences trouble while traveling, an advisor can also work on their clients’ behalf to mitigate or resolve any issues that may arise.
  • Why should I work with a Travel Agent or Travel Advisor to book my vacation?
    You should work with a Travel Agent when booking your vacation because they offer a wide-range of benefits that most people are unaware of. Travel Agents are still in high demand because of the following reasons: -Expert Knowledge -Internet Interpreters -Saving Clients' Time -Convenience -Value / Added Value -Professional Advice -Personalized Service -Unbiased Recommendations -Customer Advocacy
  • Why are Travel Agents "experts"?"
    Travel Agents are experts because they know how to sort through the abundance of travel information available to the public. Most people think they can just book a hotel online, show up, and have their room ready and available. Travel Advisors have personal destination experiences, maintain direct access to hoteliers and their representatives, and spend hours researching different itineraries to better inform their clients. Just as your would trust a CPA to do your taxes or a mechanic to work on your car, you should trust a Travel Advisor to take care of your vacation.
  • Do Travel Agents charge fees to book a vacation?
    Many people ask if Travel Agents charge a fee for their services. Before answering this question, think about what you are asking. When you work with a professional to file your taxes, or when you contact an attorney to litigate a case for you, or maybe when you contact an electrician to fix a fuse at your house -- do you wonder if they're going to charge a fee for their services? The truth is, a Travel Agent may be able to match or beat the price of your vacation, and might even offer additional amenities for your trip, at no additional charge! It is a common misconception that Travel Professionals charge a fee for their service. While some agencies charge certain fees (planning fees, booking fees, cancellation fees, group management fees, etc.), there are a large number of agents that work strictly off commission from their suppliers - almost like a referral fee. So before you wonder or inquire about their fees, ask about the services they are going to provide as YOUR agent. Keep the experience in mind. Sometimes getting the "cheapest price" is not always the best idea - especially when dealing with a vacation you've saved time and money for!
  • How does a Travel Agent save me time?
    With a wealth of information available at an advisor’s fingertips and through vast networks within the travel industry, clients are offered the added service of saved time from countless hours of researching, booking, and planning. Travel advisors are capable of handling every component of a clients’vacation. They truly become a “one stop shop”.
  • What is Romance Travel?
    Romance Travel consists of some of the most heart-felt destinations, the awe-inspiring vacation photos, and the once-in-a-lifetime itineraries! Coordinating everything from Destination Weddings, to Honeymoons, Anniversaries, and Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Travel Advisors help make your romantic occasion one to remember. Travel Advisors coordinate trips in the United States, the Caribbean, on Cruise Ships, in Europe, and in many other international destinations! They have strategic advantages through unrivaled partnerships to match you with the perfect vacation experience in almost any destination worldwide.

New to the industry?

I've never sold travel professionally, but I want to learn how to!
I've gone through some training, but I don't have many bookings.
Ask about our Business Builder Program to help jump-start your career in the travel industry. After completing our intensive coursework, you will obtain the Recognized Travel Advisor (RTA) certification through Travel Advisor Resource Center (TARC) and jump-start your career toward success!
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