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Hosted  &  Associate


Hosted Advisors

Hosted Advisors use their own brand with the assistance of our business coaching / mentoring to grow or establish their agency.

Associate Advisors

Associate Advisors use our established brand with hands-on marketing assistance and mentoring to kick-start their travel career.

What makes Goulds Travel different?

Great question! You've probably done a little research and learned that there are many ways to become a travel professional.


At Goulds Travel, we've decided that the best option for our team is to offer multiple industry affiliations for you to take your business to the next level. We are an independent agency that also utilizes the resources and partnerships of a host agency for increased commission potential, dedicated support, new technology, and much more. Our goal is not to re-create the wheel, but rather to empower you to find and use the resources that are available to you so you can be the best travel advisor!


Unlimited Video Library

We know that showing up to training events can be difficult. That's why we offer a number of different training videos, supplier videos, and more!

Business Development

We believe knowledge is power! So, through Facebook & Live Events, we provide necessary information to grow your business to new heights! 

Advisor Accountability

Discipline is key when it comes to running your own business. Our team was created to help you stay on track and measure your goals along the way!
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Hosted Advisors

Being a business owner is a lot of work. By joining Goulds Travel, we help elevate your business by providing the right tools, workflows, and coaching strategies to help you succeed. Are you ready to take the leap into business ownership?!
Hosted Advisors

Find the right plan for your business

90% Commission

Sign-Up Fee: $399.95

Monthly Fee: $50

TARC RTA Discount: $250*

80% Commission

Sign-Up Fee: $299.95

Monthly Fee: $40

TARC RTA Discount: $250*

70% Commission

Sign-Up Fee: $199.95

Monthly Fee: $30

TARC RTA Discount: $250*

*You will be provided an exclusive discount for the the Recognized Travel Advisor (RTA) certification through Travel Advisor Resource Center (TARC), as well as some great tips to help build your business efficiently. All new-to-the-industry agents must provide proof of certification to move forward with our Hosted Advisor program.


Team  Support

-Training Calendar

-Goals & Strategizing

-Private Facebook Groups


Business  Development

-Access to BDMs

-Mentoring / Coaching

-Advisor Accountability


Host Assistance

-Office Support Staff

-24/7 Community Support

-Preferred Supplier Assistance



-Agent Profile

-Itinerary Builder

-Client Management System


Associate  Advisors

As an Associate Advisor, your job is to become an invaluable source of education and inspiration for all of your clients. You will help coordinate personalized travel experiences to create life-long relationships and work as an advocate for local cultures by empowering clients to respect their hosting destinations.
Associate Advisor

Our  Values

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Customer Service will always be the forefront of our business


We work to inspire a sense of wanderlust for everyone we come in contact with.


We relate to people in a way that is authentic and true to our word and our work capabilities.


Integrity, honesty, and fairness go hand-and-hand with our personal and professional relationships. At Goulds Travel, we say what we mean, and we mean what we say.


We conduct our business with a high standard of ethics, honesty, and integrity. We respect and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches, and ideas.


Travel provides a unique perspective that many people do not typically receive. We work to provide authentic experiences that honor each destination, while respecting local resources and cultures.


Our relationships are formulated within our organization, outward to our clients, and continue through to our supplier partners. We work to create, foster, and maintain strong relationships in every aspect of our industry to ensure the best possible experiences for everyone.
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The world revolves around proper communication. Our travelers tell us what they want and need, and we listen. We strive to meet and manage the expectations of each of our clients through consistent and thorough communication that allows them to feel at ease at all stages of our collaboration.


We always work to put our client's interests first, while supplementing their vacation with education, enthusiasm, and personal/professional experiences. We work as advocates to ensure our clients are well informed in their decisions to have the best possible vacation experiences.


-Agency Setup

-E&O Insurance

-Industry Certification

-Business Builder Program



-Business Cards

-Business Email

-Logo & Graphic Use

-Branded Promo Items


New to the industry?

"I've never sold travel professionally, but I want to learn how to!"
"I've gone through some training, but I don't have many bookings."
We love welcoming new people into our industry. Many of our agents started with little to no experience as a Travel Agent. Our team provides tools, resources, and education to help you get started in a BIG way!

Working with new agents means that we get to help you from the ground up. Whether you have a little bit of training under your belt, you've booked a few vacations for friends and family, or you're just not sure where to go from here -- 
we've got your back!

All new advisors must show proof of ONE of the following:
1) A professional industry certification
(Click here for the RTA certification. It is our preferred certification program and we do have a discount for you)

2) Documentation of experience with $5,000 in earned commissions
(Good news! If you qualify for this, you are considered an experienced agent)

New to the industry
So, the big question is: are you ready to join the team and be a Travel Advisor?
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