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Hailey Baughman

Leisure & Luxury Specialist

Hailey was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri “GO CHIEFS AND ROYALS!” 


She always had a passion for traveling, but fell into this career by sheer luck! As a child, her grandparents took her all over the United States which was a large influence on why she got into travel in the first place. After moving to Florida to care for her grandmother, Hailey needed a job to fit her busy schedule. Little did she know, finding a job in the travel industry would lead to her dream job.


The passion she has for travel and for her clients far exceeds any other job she could have chosen. She’s been provided the opportunity to travel to some incredible places, but being able to send clients to their dream destinations is what makes being a travel agent so rewarding.


Hailey loves building out custom land vacations and creating new itineraries for each client. She has studies countless hours learning everything she can about new destinations. She finds the local hangouts, best tours, and even nightlife for client’s looking to immerse themselves deeper into each location. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation, a romantic retreat, or a girls’ getaway, Hailey will match you with the perfect experience!


“I do it for my clients! The joy that a vacation or trip brings to my clients makes it all worth it. The memories and pictures and stories to tell is why I became a travel agent. I believe there is a place for everyone to discover, a place they never knew about, and a place that will feel more like home. There is a place where we can be free of stress and worry, and a place to learn new traits and gain more experiences. Book with me, and let me take you to all of these places!” 

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Awards & Certifications:

-Certified Sandals Specialist

-Family Travel Specialist

-Romance Travel Specialist

-Honeymoon Specialist

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