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Group  Travel

Coordinating a group vacation departing from one destination can be tricky. Imagine the planning involved when your group is departing from many different locations!
Don't stress -- that's why we're here!

Why  Goulds  Travel?

Our group specialists are certified in land tours, cruise lines, African safaris, hillside castles, and many other destinations worldwide.
From girls' getaways & bachelor parties to lavish destination weddings or large corporate groups, Goulds Travel has a fantastic Group Travel option for you. We coordinate small groups of 5 people to large groups of several hundred.
Image by Chandler Chen

Customized  Groups

No two groups are ever the same!
At Goulds Travel, Coordinating Personalized Travel Experiences is our motto, and we work diligently to ensure that remains true for each of our groups. While each group is individually personalized, the one constant thing that remains true of all our groups is the quality of service our team delivers!
Image by Ethan Hu

Our  Process

We'll begin by determining the specific needs for your group. Some groups require venue space, some want transportation, some need event schedules, and others just want to travel together as an Affinity Group (sharing a common interest). 
Image by Phil Coffman

Free  Consultations

Contact us when you're ready to start putting your group together.
Don't forget to ask us about an individual partner website customized specifically to you!
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