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KaLaura Gentner

Romance, Family, & Adventure Specialist

As your Adventure Travel Specialist, KaLaura strives to provide her clients memorable vacations full of excitement, adventure, romance, and reconnection. Charles Lindberg says, “Real freedom lies in wilderness, not civilization,” and his words could not ring truer for KaLaura.

Growing up, her fondest memories were those she spent in the mountains, amongst nature, with her family. They would spend their time reconnecting while wandering the woods, exploring the natural beauty of the wilderness, and allowing themselves to engage their senses while simultaneously recharging their spirits. This escape from life’s day-to-day hustle and bustle sparked something inside her. It ignited a passion and a desire to truly experience what this world has to offer. Leaving the busy life we’ve all become accustomed to allowed her to make the most of each vacation and return with a new zest for life.

KaLaura is passionate about curating adventures that delight the senses while leaving room for spontaneity, excitement, and quality time. She believes travel should provide a balanced mix of exploration, immersion, and personal connection. Throughout her life, KaLaura has found that the best ways to enjoy a new destination are by learning about the local culture and connecting with those nearest and dearest to our hearts. She loves dreaming about impromptu trips, getting her boyfriend’s buy-in, then diving into planning their next unique adventure. As someone who always makes sure to incorporate enough coffee stops in her trips to make a Gilmore Girl envious, she works to provide trips that include some downtime, a special touch, and something unique that speaks to each client and adds to their overall vacation experience.

Getting to know you is where KaLaura shines! First impressions are crucial, so from the first time you connect with her, you will find that KaLaura invests the time to get to know as much about you as possible, from your trip to your travel and adventure style and even to the type of experience you are looking for. She uses this information to create the perfect itinerary for you and your travel companions.

Whether traveling constitutes a wild adventure-packed vacation, a romantic honeymoon getaway, an exciting multi-cultural adventure, or a quick cruise vacation, KaLaura is here to help. Contact her today for a complimentary consultation, and get one step closer to making the vacation of your dreams a reality.

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Awards & Certifications:

-Certified Sandals Specialist

-Family Travel Specialist

-Romance Travel Specialist

-Honeymoon Specialist

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